Preparing and Weaving




Preparing and weaving unit: Established in an area of about 20 thousand square meters with annual production of about 60 million square meters of different kind of fabrics for pants (denim and jeans), clothes, black chador, scarf, colored yarn shirting, bed linen set, curtain, upholstery, light-weight blanket containing cotton, synthetic staple fibers and mixtures of them


  • 360 projectile Sulzer weaving machines, 330 cm width.
  • 12 Sulzer Rapier machines, 360 cm width.
  • 71 Sulzer Rapier machines with dobby, 220 cm width.
  • Cotton yarn dyeing based on indigo system for dyeing around 8 million square meters of indigo and denim fabrics per annul, mainly for the fulfillment of domestic market’s requirements.




Sizing, warp winding and samples weaving unit: Allows the possibility of weaving fabric samples before mass production and making greater ability to produce patterned fabrics, especially for the shirting and blanket.


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